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Tel +43-1-706 43 000



Products offer includes DIP - PGA - PLCC - board to board - LED - adapters - BGA - customs, loose pins and pin/clip assembling.
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To meet the special needs of the industry, Precicontact has designed ball grid array sockets solutions : Insulator :
  • FR5 without halides
  • Kapton in option.
  • Floating and no floating pins
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    Our Swiss group has a manufacturing capability of 150 screw-machines to produce our pins.pc-p1.jpg (16978 octets)

    Precicontact is a Swiss manufacturer / supplier of precision interconnect products offering a complete range of I.C. sockets for advanced electronic applications, including computer and telecomunications.

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    We guarantee customer service and quick turn-arounds.

    LICO GmbH. Tel +43-1-706 43 000. email: h.miksch@lico.at