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LCD Standard Products

LCD Specials (Custom Made)

Character LCDs Character Mode LCDs Overview Ideal for displaying characters and limited block graphics. Single Line LCD Selector Guide Dual Line LCD Selector Guide Four Line LCD Selector Guide

A guide to: Format and Part Numbers International Font options for above displays

Application Notes Programming examples, design guidelines and selection advice.

SA-PIC - New Controller Card To remote control one or more LCD displays over distances via a PC, or keyboard. This product replaces the SA control card below. SA Controller Card Original card to control Character LCD displays via an RS-232 interface.

Design Overview
Custom LCDs Special Displays Overview of our design capabilities with LCD and associated technology.
Custom Made LCDs Design guideline for our standard custom LCD glass service.
Design Guide Design guideline for our standard custom LCD module & keypad service.

Graphic LCDs

Graphic Mode LCDs Overview Enables full graphics and characters (defined graphically) to be displayed to give maximum flexibility.

Graphic LCD Selector Guide T6963C Application Notes HD61830 Application Notes Above specs are for control chipsets used in our graphic LCDs.

Controller Card Can control a graphic LCD display via an RS-232 interface. Includes command set for drawing lines, circles, boxes, arcs, sectors and text with minimal code.

Optimiser: A very low power LCD technology Phoenix A very high luminosity LCD technology

Custom Solutions

PlasticLCDs Flexible LCDs that can be mounted on curved surfaces. They are very thin and weigh up to 70% less than a conventional LCD. Black Mask LCDs Looks like a light emitting display with all the power advantages of LCD technology. Can also display multi-coloured characters giving further visual impact.

Touch Screens

DensiTouch Densitron touchscreens for small graphics LCDs

LCDs with Control Chips

Chip on Glass Character LCDs 1/4 the thickness of traditional LCDs with the interface electronics already onboard.

Chip on Board & TAB Graphics The control chip is bonded onto the glass, and the Tape Carrier Package enables easy connection.

 LED Products- LED Displays

 Plasma Displays

  • Infrared emitting diodes
  • Photo transistors
  • Photo diodes
  • Photo interruptors
  • Photo reflectors
  • LED backlight lamps
  • LED backlight displays
  • Axial type lamps
  • Surface mount chip
  • LED lamps
  • Surface mount
  • LED lamps
  • LED lamps
  • LED numeric displays
  • LED clock/frequency/counter displays
  • Big LED Displays
  • 21 inch Plasma Display 640 x 480 display suitable as a presentation monitor 42 inch Plasma Display 852 x 480 HDTV format display suitable as a presentation monitor


  • DC to AC Inverters used for driving electroluminescent and CCFL lamps.
  • Electroluminescent Lamps used to illuminate LCDs as well as displays in their own right.
  • LumiNova Backlighting used to illuminate LCDs - does not require a power source.
  • General Purpose Laser Modules Used for sensing and measurement applications in control, factory automation and medical fields.
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