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Cliff Plastic Products Limited was founded in 1963, initially occupying a small unit in Telescombe Cliffs on the South Coast of England, for the purpose of molding plastic parts for the Electrical & Electronics market. Although still operating from the same location, the Cliff factory now covers 20,000 sq. ft. and employs over 50 people.

Current production comprises of Jack Plugs & Sockets, Terminal Binding Posts, Control Knobs, Instrumentation Connectors and custom parts which are produced on fully automatic Arburg and Engel molding machines capable of multi-shot and insert molding. High precision turned and pressed parts are added by either manual insertion or state of the art robot technology.

Production is controlled and monitored on an ISO 9002 approved computerized system.

Cliff Electronic Components Limited (CEC) was formed in 1977 to market the Cliff line of products in conjunction with their range. CEC operate an ISO 9001 approved system for their sales and in-house design activities.

CEC employs 25 sales and marketing personnel selling to major UK Manufacturing companies and mainline Distributors. European sales are through a long established network of distributors.

To promote Cliff sales worldwide, Cliff Electronic Components Inc. (CEC Inc.) was established in 1991 to cover the North and South American markets from its base in Northern California. Cliff Electronic (Aust) Pty. in Queensland was formed in 1984. Both companies hold extensive inventory of Cliff manufactured products and provide a high level of technical and sales support.

It is Cliff's intention to invest in the latest technology for design and manufacturing, and to provide quality products and quality of service.


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