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Die laufende Produktlinie umfasst Klinkenstecker und Klinkenbuchsen, DIN-Stecker und DIN-Buchsen, Netzgerätestecker und -buchsen, Dreh- und Schiebeknöpfe, Chinchbuchsen, Lautsprecherbuchsen und -anschlüsse, Schalter, Bananenbuchsen, Terminals u.v.m.

Our Current production comprises of Jack Plugs & Sockets, Terminal Binding Posts, Control Knobs, XLR & Instrumentation Connectors, Cabinet Hardware, Switches and Assembly Aids.

DC-Power_Connectors - DC Buchsen & Stecker
 Der DC-Power-Katalog Download 350kB
Jack Sockets / Jack plugs Klinkenbuchsen, Klinkenstecker
Die Cliff 1/4" Klinkensteckersysteme bieten Ihnen die patentierte "Abwischfunktion", dies gewährleistet saubere Kontakte bei allen Operationen, Alle Modelle haben einen Nylon-grundkörper und massive "Ni-Ag", Nickel-Silber-Kontakte für excellente Performance. Montageteile werden separat gepackt mitgeliefert.
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The Cliff® range of ¼" Jack Sockets features a patented "wiping action" design to ensure clean contact surfaces with each operation. All models consist of a durable nylon body and solid "Ni-Ag" alloy contacts for superior performance, and are supplied with mounting hardware unassembled.    

S1 Mini ¼" PCB Mounting StackJack® Sockets
S1/V Vertical PCB Mounting Jack Sockets
S2 Chassis or PCB Mounting Jack Sockets with Nylon Nut
S4 Chassis or PCB Mounting Jack Sockets with Chrome Plated Nut
S6 Miniature 3.5mm Jack Sockets


Jack Sockets - Klinkenbuchsen:


Jack plugs - Klinkenstecker:

 jack2.gif (18010 bytes)  jack1.gif (16237 bytes)

XLR Audio Connectors
The Cliff® range of professional XLR Audio Connectors, designed to offer an economical alternative to higher priced metal XLR’s, is manufactured to strict quality and performance standards. These components feature a tough nylon body with special low noise contacts and are available in both solder and PCB mounting styles. For greater reliability, the female connectors have contact pins which provide a large surface area and self-clean upon plug insertion.

xlr.gif (14148 bytes)
ACM / ACF Chassis Mounting versions
ACM / ACF PC versions for PCB Mounting
XNACMPC / XNACFPC versions for PCB Mounting
APM / APF Nylon Bodies Male & Female XLR Plugs

Connectors & Accessories

DIN and Mini DIN Connectors
2.5mm and 3.5mm Jack Plugs & Sockets
RCA Plugs, Jacks and PCB Mounting Assemblies
Low Voltage & DC Power Connectors
Recess Plates and Terminal Panels
Miniature Loudspeakers

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Instrumentation Connectors
The Cliff® range of IEC Power Receptacles, Molded Power Cordsets and 2mm & 4mm Test Plugs & Sockets are primarily intended for use in all types of instrumentation. All products incorporate precision plastic moldings in a wide range of colors, and stamped or machined metal parts. These are combined to give products of the highest quality and reliability, conforming to recognized international standards, at very competitive prices.

MS Series IEC Power Receptacles for chassis, snap-in or PCB Mounting
MS-3 version features integral fuseholder and voltage selector
ACPM Snap-In Power Modules incorporating power receptacle and switch or voltage selector and fuseholder
2mm and 4mm Test Plugs & Sockets suitable for measuring and test equipment
30 Amp rated P16 / S16 "Touchproof Plugs" and Jacks
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Terminal Binding Posts & Assemblies - Terminalanschlüsse - Catalog
The Cliff® range of Terminal Binding Posts incorporate precision plastic moldings and stamped or machined metal parts. These are combined to give products of the highest quality and reliability, conforming to recognized international standards, at very competitive prices. Cliff® Terminals are used extensively on metal, wood and plastic cabinets for instruments, amplifiers and loudspeakers. They are produced in 8 standard colors and metal parts are Brass-Nickel plated or Gold plated to order. Designed for heavy duty applications, the terminals feature extra large cross holes for heavy conductors. The patented castellated knob enables a handy coin to exert the required pressure to clamp the connection.

posts.gif (11501 bytes) 
TP/1 - TP/6 series Single Terminal Posts for Amplifier, Loudspeaker, Home Theater & Instrumentation applications
TPP/3 series Heavy Duty Dual Terminal Assemblies
TPP/4 & TPP/5 "Touchproof" Dual Assemblies which comply with BS EN60065 Section 15 Euro legislation requirements
TP/60 Professional series Heavy Duty Single "TouchProof" binding post designed for high current, pro audio and stereophile applications
TPP PC series Dual and Quad Horizontal and Vertical PCB Mounting assemblies
Instrument Control Knobs - Dreh- und Schiebeknöpfe
Our versatile range of control knobs offers a wide selection of styles, textures and fixing choices to enhance the presentation of any instrument. We manufacture to the highest standards of finish to satisfy the most exacting requirements of the professional user. In addition, our Custom Design capabilities are at your service to create the perfect compliment to your project.

Instrume.GIF (8332 bytes)
Rotary, Slide and Push-button Instrumentation Control Knobs
Multi-Shot molded knobs for durability and superior cosmetic appearance
KM / KMR Series Aluminum knobs
Custom molded and printed buttons, knobs and assemblies
Cabinet Accessories - Gehäusezubehör
The Cliff® range of low cost Cabinet Accessories are made from tough plastic materials and are designed to withstand the toughest on-the-road use. Parts have a matte textured finish which compliment and enhance most cabinet finishes.

CH series Heavy Duty Pocket, Cabinet, Rack and Strap Handles
CF series Heavy Duty Cabinet Corners & Extrusions
TH series Speaker Mounting brackets and stands
PF series Cabinet Feet
SRP series Recess Jack and Terminal Plates
SFC series Loudspeaker Accessories
Low noise AC and DC Cooling Fans

cabnet.gif (13096 bytes)
CLIFFCON® "Touchproof" Connectors
Intended for any application where a reliable, locking TouchProof connector system is required, the CLIFFCON® range of connectors are tough and durable 4 or 8 pole Plugs and Sockets. Designed for high power applications, contacts are TouchProof and meet the safety requirements of IEC 65/348. Features include easy foolproof Lock / Unlock mechanism and high reliability wiping contacts.

4PC series 4 pole straight or 90° plugs and either chassis or PCB Mounting Sockets
8PC series 8 pole 90° plug and chassis mounting socket with optional dust cover
Convenient Faston / Screw / Solder connections
Chassis connectors are air tight and fit cut-outs for existing audio connector types
Line connector for coupling two plugs for cable extensions
cliffcon.gif (14629 bytes)

switches.gif (8104 bytes)
Miniature Toggle Switches
Miniature Push-button Switches
Miniature Rocker Switches
Push-button switches for Chassis & PCB Mounting
Slide switches for PCB mounting
The Cliff® range of footpedals feature single, dual and our own Modular Footpedal system allowing any number of switches to be mounted into one module. Currently demands exist for up to 7 switches in one unit, although more can be easily achieved with our design.

foot.gif (16148 bytes) Rugged construction
Latching or momentary action push-button switches
Optional LED indicators
Wiring, output cable and terminations to customers requirements
Custom artwork set-up, screen printing and labels
Hand Tools and Assembly Aids

BCM Cutters, Nippers, Pliers and special use hand tools
PM series Component Preforming Machines
CC/1 Component Counter
WF series PCB workframes
SFE Fume Extractor system
Antistatic PCB Printed Circuit Board Racks

tools.gif (20512 bytes)
Digital Effects Modules
Suitable for use in Musical Instrument Amplification and Mixing consoles, these products consist of PC board assemblies incorporating surface mounted components, including custom designed CMOS LSI Digital processors. Featuring a wide range of digital reverb, delay, and special effects such as chorus, flanging, pitch shifting, spring reverb emulation etc., some models incorporate two processors whilst others are specifically designed as low cost alternatives for outdated and noisy spring reverbs.

RV series modules featuring either 12, 16 and 32 BIT DSP and up to 127 reverb/delay programs
ME series multi-effect modules featuring dual processors and 256 programs
DC series digital delay modules
Custom programming and effects available subject to minimum order quantities

reverb.gif (18527 bytes)
Sound Check 2 Audio Test & Demonstration CD
Sound Check has become the international reference standard for sound designers, musicians and producers. Sound Check 2 has 99 tracks and is available as a single CD, or in a double CD case with a built in microphone and specially calibrated sound level meter for instant frequency response measurement.

CD.gif (17421 bytes)

Test Tones 1 - 58 Every type of test signal for frequency, amplitude and phase checks including 31 individually recorded third octave bands for instant response analysis.
Vocal Tracks 59 - 62 Standard reference spoken word, soprano and rock vocals including a unique uncompressed live recording of Pavarotti.
Dry Instrument Tracks 63 - 81 Superb closely miked dry instrument recordings from Steinway concert grand to an uncompressed full drum kit solo.
Music Tracks 82 - 88 Stereo master recordings selected to demonstrate every aspect of the audio spectrum.
Effects Tracks 89 - 93 Extreme tests of frequency and dynamic range including the famous Chieftan Tank recording.
Utility Tracks 94 - 99 A set of useful tools including vocal L & R indent for equipment hook up, and 0db FS - the maximum digital level.

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